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African American Rhinoplasty

African American Rhinoplasty in Atlanta, GA

African American rhinoplasty is an approach to cosmetic nose surgery that is used to accentuate your natural beauty without conforming to the standards of a Caucasian face.

Example of Before and After rhinoplasty on a female african american patient front angle view

The African American nose displays remarkable variability. Some may exhibit flatter noses with wider nostrils, while others from another region may possess significantly more bridge and tip definition. While these features are often celebrated, sometimes the size or shape of the nose isn’t always cohesive with the other components of the face or the patient’s preferences. African American rhinoplasty can be tailored to your appearance, heritage, and individuality to help create harmony with your other facial features more naturally and attractively.

Dr. C. Carson Huynh is an experienced, prestigious, and nationally recognized expert in facial plastic surgery. With a humble immigrant backstory, he understands the importance and delicacy of holding onto one’s culture while still being able to achieve a sense of individuality. In his 20 years of surgical experience, he has developed techniques for rhinoplasty and customizing nose surgery to help fit the unique needs of his patients. 

To learn more about African American Rhinoplasty and how it might benefit you, contact Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Carson. We proudly serve our community in Atlanta and also neighboring communities in Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Marietta, Brookhaven, and Cumming Georgia.

What Is African American Rhinoplasty?

African American rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that modifies the nose to be in better harmony with other facial features. African American rhinoplasty addresses cosmetic or functional nasal concerns, like a wide bridge or flared nostrils, while simultaneously respecting the patient’s heritage. As with traditional or Caucasian rhinoplasty, the aim of the African American is to improve specific areas of the nose to achieve a natural, harmonious appearance that complements other facial characteristics.

What Are the Unique Benefits of African American Rhinoplasty?

You might consider African American rhinoplasty if you are self-conscious or unhappy with the structure and appearance of your nose or if you have suffered an injury that has left it deformed or with issues in functionality. African American rhinoplasty benefits include:

  • Bring the proportions of the nose, including the length, width, and projection, into a more harmonious balance with your other facial features
  • Restore facial symmetry if your nose is crooked or off-center due to an injury
  • Improve the shape of your nose
  • Correct any structural defects that can be the cause of breathing issues

If you’ve considered plastic surgery but you’re concerned about it changing your appearance in an unnatural way, one that doesn’t respect your ethnicity, schedule a consultation with Dr. Carson. He will show you exactly how he can customize your rhinoplasty, consult with you on how you would like to change your nose, and address any questions or concerns that you might have.

What To Expect From Your African American Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before your surgery, Dr. Carson will use digital photo and computer imaging software to help create a representation of the desired look of your nose. Rhinoplasty is typically performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia for better breathing regulations. In most cases involving a reduction in size or altered shape of the nose, angle, or removal of a bump, the skin of the nose is separated from the underlying skeleton of bone and cartilage so that the bone can be reshaped. Once finished, the skin is replaced over the surface to heal.

Discover Your Radiance

Every person wants to look in the mirror and see that the person looking back at them is their true self: stunning, healthy, and whole. Radiance is the key to showing the world how you see yourself.

At Radiance, Dr. Huynh will support you every step of the way, helping you achieve the most from your radiant transformation. That means faster healing from surgeries and better outcomes.

Beyond Confidence – Empowering people to reach their truest, highest level of self-expression so they can be successful in life.

Choose Dr. Huynh as Your Atlanta African American Rhinoplasty Surgeon

In order to perform an African American rhinoplasty procedure, a plastic surgeon needs to have a deep understanding of the ways in which different ethnicities are unique and special in order  to create that coveted harmony amongst the rest of a person’s facial features. Your plastic surgeon should also understand other facial structural differences amongst different ethnicities and even mixed-raced noses. Ethnicity can affect not just the appearance of the nose but also its underlying structure, which is why it’s essential to choose a surgeon with a deep understanding of facial anatomy.

Expert in Maxillofacial and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Carson Huynh’s training is rare in that he is one of few surgeons with dual training in both maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery. This training gives him a unique skill set and approaches to treating facial bone and soft tissue issues in facial aesthetic surgery. 

Dr. Carson realizes the significance of preserving one’s cultural identity and possesses a comprehensive proficiency in working with a multitude of diverse features. His experience with African American Rhinoplasty, Hispanic Rhinoplasty, Asian Rhinoplasty, and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty has set him apart from other facial plastic surgeons and helped his patients achieve the appearance they’ve always wanted.

With Dr. Huynh, you can expect:

Dr. Huynh has treated hundreds of patients from a variety of diverse ethnicities. He has performed many different forms of rhinoplasty, as well as complex revision rhinoplasties.


As a rhinoplasty surgeon and facial contouring specialist, you can expect a unique set of skills and an eye for facial aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty while preserving and respecting your cultural traits.

Dr. Huynh understands that each patient’s features are unique to them and them alone. His intention is never to make his patients look identical but instead to use his artistic ability to help them achieve the most natural-looking results tailored to their features.

Before and after male patient african american rhinoplasty side by side
Radiantly, Beautiful Results

What To Expect From African American Rhinoplasty Recovery

Our team will provide you with post-operative recovery instructions that are customized to your unique procedure. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and soreness at first, but Dr. Carson will prescribe pain medication to help with any discomfort. To promote healing and minimize swelling, we recommend keeping your head elevated for the first couple of days after your surgery, including while you sleep.

A typical rhinoplasty recovery takes about one to three weeks. Avoid any strenuous activity for the first two weeks. Most patients can return to work or school a week after their procedure. The vast majority of swelling should be gone after the first week or two, and the improvements in your nose should be visible by then. Your African American rhinoplasty results will only continue to improve over the next few months; however, final results may take up to a year or longer.

Schedule Your Atlanta African American Rhinoplasty Consultation Today

Contact Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carson. He will examine your nose carefully, analyzing its shape, structure, and quality of your skin. He’ll closely consider the harmony of your facial features, ask questions to understand your goals, and provide his expert recommendations on the best ways to achieve your aesthetic results.

If you’re ready to partner with one of the best African American rhinoplasty surgeons in Atlanta, we invite you to call (678) 412-0311 or reach us online today!

African American Rhinoplasty FAQS

African American rhinoplasty is different from conventional rhinoplasty due to vastly different thickness of skin and cartilage tissue.  These differences require higher experience and a more specialized skill set to achieve optimal results.

Rhinoplasty surgeons who provide African American rhinoplasty should be well experienced in more advanced rhinoplasty techniques to achieve the best results.  

The typical African American nose typically has a thick skin envelope over very thin and weak underlying cartilages.  The nose base is often wider with the nostrils oriented more horizontally.  

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can fix a wide nose with several techniques during an African American rhinoplasty.  Osteotomies are done to narrow the nose bridge and a tip plasty is done to narrow the nose tip.  Finally, a reduction is done to narrow the nose base and nostrils.

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