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Neck Lift in Atlanta, GA

The neck lift procedure can help patients who are unhappy with a variety of imperfections throughout their neck region, such as excess skin, double chin, wrinkles, loose neck muscles, and asymmetry.

before and after right side view neck lift of female patient Atlanta, Georgia

For some patients, the signs of aging may first start to appear on the lower areas of the face and throughout their neck, making them appear older than they are. Whether these signs of aging are due to factors that include aging, extreme weight loss, or genetics, in order to reverse some of these common signs of aging and help patients attain the younger aesthetic they are looking for, Dr. C. Carson Huynh offers neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty) in Atlanta, Ga. 

For patients experiencing severe signs of aging, your surgeon can perform a neck lift in combination with a variety of other procedures, such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a facelift. By thoroughly evaluating your concerns, Dr. Huynh will be able to suggest the best course of action and create a plan that is tailored to your individual aesthetic goals.

Interested in learning more about what a neck lift in Atlanta can do for you? Call (678) 412-0311 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Huynh and learn more about Atlanta Neck Lift! Our offices are located in Atlanta, and we proudly serve cosmetic surgery patients visiting from Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Marietta, and Brookhaven, Cumming Georgia.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Due to the skin around the neck being incredibly delicate and prone to some of the most movement, it is one of the first areas on the body to start showing signs of aging. As the neck ages, it may show a sun-damaged appearance, develop a double-or-triple chin area, or begin to sag and lines or bands.

A neck lift, also known as a platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty, helps correct these signs of aging, including wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls. With a neck lift at Radiance, you can tighten the skin of your neck and regain confidence in your appearance again.

What Are the Benefits of A Neck Lift?

Signs of aging around the neck can be disheartening and be the cause of embarrassment for some. At Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Huynh uses advanced neck lift techniques that offer shorter recovery periods, relatively zero scarring, and a natural, younger-looking neck area. Listed below are some of the most raved about benefits of a neck lift procedure:

  • Speedy recovery times
  • Safe and effective neck and lower face rejuvenation
  • Tightens the appearance of lax skin and wrinkles within the neck
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Reduction or eliminate of turkey neck banding in the neck
  • More defined jawline
  • Correction of a double or triple chin

Why Choose Dr. Huynh For A Neck Lift?

At Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, it’s our goal to always treat our patients with excellent care, professionalism, and respect. We value their time and consider it an honor to be trusted by them for such a life changing decision and event. We make it a priority to make sure our patients feel well taken care of from the moment they call us to schedule an appointment, to seeing them for their initial consultation, to answering any and all questions they might have, and finally to see them through their recovery and onto their final results.

Patients choose Dr. Huynh for his prolific education, artistic eye, and unmatched patient care. As one of only a handful of surgeons in the county who holds a dual-doctorate degree in the practice of maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Huynh is well-equipped to handle simple or complex situations, and deliver stunning results.

Discover Your Radiance

Every person wants to look in the mirror and see that the person looking back at them is their true self: stunning, healthy, and whole. Radiance is the key to showing the world how you see yourself.

At Radiance, Dr. Huynh will support you every step of the way, helping you achieve the most from your radiant transformation. That means faster healing from surgeries and better outcomes.

Beyond Confidence – Empowering people to reach their truest, highest level of self-expression so they can be successful in life.

Neck Lift Procedures Details

A neck lift procedure with Dr. Huynh is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Dr. Huynh will make a small incision just below your chin , and depending on your specific needs, he may also make an incision. Through these incisions, he will begin to tighten the neck muscles, remove excess skin, and restore a smoother, firmer jawline and neck.

Once your results match the goals that you and Dr. Huynh discussed during your consultation, he closes the incision, dresses them, and you’ll be sent to recovery and await your release to go home.

Who Are the Best Candidates For A Neck Lift?

If you are considering undergoing a neck lift procedure, it is important that you’re both physically and mentally healthy. Having a positive self-image will ensure that your expectations surrounding a neck lift procedure are realistic. If you’re unsure about what to expect or what exactly a neck lift can accomplish for you, we will gladly help you through each step and answer any questions that you might have along the way.

Before your neck lift, it’s also important that you are in good health. During your consultation with Dr. Huynh discuss any medications that you are currently taking and if you have any current health concerns. Always speak with your primary care physician before pursuing elective surgery so that they can run the necessary tests and give you a clean bill of health.

The best candidates also ask lots of questions in order to get informed and prepared for their procedure. The more informed you are, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel when the day of your surgery arrives.

Stop smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes are detrimental and can increase the risks associated with surgery. Plan to quit smoking 6 weeks before your procedure and for 6 weeks after.

Combining a Neck Lift With a Facelift

Many patients choose to include a neck lift with their facelift procedure. A facelift helps to lift and tighten the skin on the face into a more youthful position, smoothing out wrinkles, sagging skin, and laxity. Since the face and the neck are a package deal, a neck lift helps to rejuvenate the appearance from the ears down.

Radiantly, Beautiful Results

Neck Lift Recovery

Recovery from a neck lift is minimal. There will be some discomfort which can be managed with pain medication if necessary. Most patients are able to return to work after 7-10 days of rest. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Huynh’s aftercare instructions surrounding your incisions to ensure that scarring remains minimal. Most patients are able to resume normal activities after about four to six weeks.

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