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Masseter Muscle Reduction

RF Masseter Muscle Reduction for Jawline Slimming in Atlanta, GA

Non-surgical jaw reduction with Botox® injections or other neuromodulators offers a less-invasive cosmetic option for women who consider their wide or sharply angled jawline as too harsh or manly.

example of Before and After masseter muscle reduction female patient zoomed front angle view

However, there are significant drawbacks with this treatment including the need for repeated injections every three to four months and ongoing costs.  Dr. C. Carson Huynh offers Radiofrequency (RF) Masseter Muscle Reduction as minimally invasive alternative treatment option which have longer lasting results than Botox injections.  RF surgery device is frequently used in many surgical procedures to make precise incisions and control bleeding tissue.  In this case, the RF device is used to partially deactivate the enlarged masseter muscles safely and effectively to yield long lasting results.  If you have been receiving Botox or other neuromodulator injections for masseter hypertrophy, teeth grinding or cosmetic jawline slimming, schedule a consultation with Dr. Huynh to see if you’re a candidate for RF masseter reduction.

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