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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels in Atlanta, GA

Chemical peels work to diminish common signs of aging and skin damage, such as wrinkles, sun spots, acne scarring, and irregular pigmentation. These treatments use an acid solution to remove the skin’s outer layer, provide exfoliation, and promote new cell growth.

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, a small applicator is used to apply the chemical solution to an area of the face. Excess solution is removed, and the procedure is repeated across other areas.

The amount of improvement varies and depends upon the initial condition of the patient’s skin. Significant improvement of damaged skin has been achieved, which can produce dramatic results.

A chemical peel can effectively remove or reduce acne, acne scarring, blotchy patches, dark circles under the eyes, sunspots, pigmentation imperfections, enlarged pores, freckles, and wrinkles. The procedure works to lighten the skin, improve collagen growth, and encourage better skin quality by removing dead skin cells. Our team works closely with each patient to determine which procedure is best for their situation. Because of Dr. Huynh’s quality care, men and women from across Atlanta seek his chemical peel services. His patients include residents of Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Marietta, and Brookhaven, GA.

To learn more about chemical peels and how it might benefit you, contact Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine to schedule your consultation with our experienced team. We proudly extend our services to our communities in Atlanta and also the neighboring communities of Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Marietta, Brookhaven, and Cumming Georgia.

About Light Skin Peels

Light peels performed under medical supervision are safer and more concentrated, resulting in significantly deeper penetration of the acid with far superior results than those found in conventional day spas and salons. We offer many choices of skin peel treatments, including glycolic peel, TCA peel, Obagi Blue Peel, and The Perfect Peel.

Glycolic peel

Glycolic acid, a natural byproduct of sugar cane, is the most potent and effective of the alpha-hydroxy acids. A glycolic acid peel, a type of light peel, exfoliates the dead outer skin layer restoring a more youthful appearance to the skin. This non-surgical treatment is ideal for people with fine lines, age spots, and sun-damaged skin. Treatments are frequently combined with a relaxing facial or mask for optimal results. There is no downtime.

Glycolic acid peels are a type of chemical peel that uses glycolic acid as its main ingredient.

Glycolic acid is a common way to treat acne and wrinkles. A natural substance that comes from fruit acid and sugar cane, glycolic acid is a member of the alpha hydroxyl family. When glycolic acid is placed on the skin, it breaks down the top layer of skin by removing the substance that “glues” the older, damaged skin to the surface. When the top layer is removed, a new layer of skin becomes visible. The new layer of skin is undamaged and has a refreshed look.

People who get glycolic peels are often happy with the results. The treatment minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the patients who received these treatments looking younger. Another benefit of the peel is the fact that the skin is left looking clearer and less oily.

Various types of people can benefit from a glycolic peel. Glycolic peels are good for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles to help improve appearance. However, they are also great for correcting freckles and blemishes. Melanin is primarily found in the outer layers of the skin. It is responsible for giving skin its color. When the glycolic peel is applied to the skin, it destroys excess melanin. Destroying excess melanin leaves the skin with a more natural and even-looking skin tone. A glycolic peel helps to prevent and treat acne. It is also useful for treating sun-damaged skin that may have pre-cancerous cells.

During a glycolic peel, a thin layer of the peel is put on your face. The amount of time the peel stays on depends on the reason for the peel, the type of peel, and the person performing the procedure.

You will see results after your first peel. Having multiple treatments will improve the skin’s texture and give it a rejuvenated appearance.

The glycolic peel is recommended for all skin types and tones. The treatment is safe for dry, combination, or normal skin types. If you suffer from acne, you can still have a glycolic peel. The peel may actually help treat the acne.

TCA and Obagi Blue Peels

TCA peels dramatically reduce deeper wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and skin discoloration. For optimal results, the skin is pre-treated with four light peels over a four-week period. The TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel procedure takes 15 minutes and results in mild to moderate discomfort. Dr. Huynh may provide intravenous sedation for your comfort if so desired. For some patients, pre-medication with Valium, along with topical anesthesia creams, further eliminates most of the discomfort. A downtime of three to five days is expected.

What is a TCA Peel?

A TCA peel renews your skin to give it a refreshed, healthier appearance. The TCA peel retextures the skin, making it look smoother. The treatment helps to eliminate the signs of aging while evening out your skin tone. TCA peels are often used to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

A TCA peel contains the active ingredient trichloroacetic acid. The form of chemical peel can be deep, medium or superficial. At Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, we suggest a medium TCA peel for skin that has the following:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Inconsistent pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

These issues can leave you with an appearance that does not match how you feel. The chemical peel will help your skin regenerate, giving a more youthful look. The treatment will also leave you with an even skin tone, eliminate sun damage, and diminish some fine lines.

Am I a Candidate for a TCA Treatment?

Before your surgery, Dr. Huynh can use digital photos and computer imaging to create a representation of the desired look of your nose. Rhinoplasty is typically performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia if breathing regulations are required. In most cases involving a reduction of size or alterations of the shape of the nose, the skin of the nose will be dissected and retracted away from the underlying bone and cartilage so that these supportive tissues can be reshaped. Once finished, the skin is replaced over the surface to heal.

How the Treatment Works

We provide a calm and relaxing setting in our office to ensure that you are comfortable as we apply the TCA peel. Depending on the treatment area that you discussed with Dr. Huynh, we can apply the TCA peel to the following areas:

  • Your neck
  • The skin underneath your eyes
  • Your face
  • The area around your mouth

Having a TCA peel will require some downtime. The peel removes the skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. Your skin will heal, creating new collagen and leaving you with a refreshed look. Because TCA peel removes older skin cells, your face will appear red and flaky at first. While your face may look unsightly, your face will start to return to normal within a few days. You may want to stay home from work and social activities during this process. The results are worth it. The peel will have your skin looking young and rejuvenated.

TCA Peel Treat Results

Your skin condition and state of health have a hand in determining the procedure’s outcome and how soon you will see results.

The results create a medium peel with results that last from six months to two years. Using skincare products and limiting sun exposure will help prolong the results. Most people who have a medium chemical peel repeat the process every six to twelve months to maintain their facial rejuvenation.

What is an Obagi Blue Peel?

Dr. Zein Obagi developed this medium-depth chemical peel. The Obagi Blue Peel® is applied in 1 to 4 layers. The number of layers used to exfoliate your skin, increase your skin’s firmness, and renew its clarity depends on your individual needs. The Obagi Blue Peel® removes fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates acne scarring, and removes dyschromia (pigmentation problems). The treatment also minimizes the signs of aging.

The ideal candidate is in good health and wants to stop the early signs of aging. Obagi Blue Peel candidates may have skin damage caused by exposure to the sun, wrinkling, blemishes, creases, brown spots or acne scars. The treatment is recommended for women and men of all ages, colors and skin types. The Obagi Blue Peel is good for people who do not want to endure an invasive procedure or long recovery period. The peel is a good treatment for those who do not want to endure a prolonged recovery. The ideal candidate will have reasonable expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Patients must also demonstrate a willingness to commit to the required pre/post skin care instructions.

The Obagi Blue Peel uses 15 to 20% TCA (trichloroacetic acid). TCA is effective in removing the outer layers of skin. In contrast, Obagi Blue Peel® is a medium-depth peel that deeply penetrates the skin. It has a more significant effect than alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acid peels. By applying the Obagi Blue Peel in layers, Dr. Huynh can personalize the peel to meet your specific needs.

After your Obagi Blue Peel treatment, your skin will look smoother, tighter, and somewhat lighter than it was before the treatment. It is essential to understand that the skin is more sensitive and softer after the peel. Avoid sun exposure. If you find sun exposure is unavoidable, use a minimum of SPF-15 sunblock. Apply the sunblock 20 minutes before going outside.

Created by Dr. Zein Obagi, of the Obagi Skin Health Institute in Beverly Hills, the new ZO Medical 3-Step Stimulation Peel is now available at Radiance Aesthetic Surgery & Wellness Spa. This potent, stimulating peel impacts sun damage and acne, and many skin aging signs, such as melasma, fine lines, uneven texture, large pores, and dullness.

It is a highly effective, stimulating treatment with longer-lasting benefits than the more temporary improvements seen with ordinary peels. There is typically minimal irritation and downtown following this treatment; peeling is mild and often unnoticeable.

The ZO 3-STEP PEEL is a highly requested, professional peel performed by Dr. Huynh at Radiance Aesthetic Surgery & Wellness Spa. The treatment can be repeated every three to four weeks, as needed.

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