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How To Choose A Transgender Surgeon Near you

Are you a facial feminization candidate?

If the face is the window to the soul, every time you look in the mirror, you may have been longing to see a physical being that reflects your true gender identity.

There is a plastic surgery technique available today that will help you see whom you were meant to be. Facial Feminization (FFS) provides the female image you know lives inside you every time you pass a mirror.

FFS surgical procedures are complex. That’s why when you want to achieve a truly natural appearance, you need to use the best male-to-female gender affirmation surgeon. FFS can also enhance some women’s more masculine features, so they look more feminine.

The good news is that you can find a renowned FFS plastic surgeon near you in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, or Johns Creek, Georgia. Dr. C. Carson Huynh at Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine is one of the leading plastic surgeons anywhere who holds dual-doctorate degrees in maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery practices.


What is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a highly specialized plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon uses World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) provisions to transform masculine features into a soft and feminine look. The surgery procedures are not the same for everyone.

That’s why if you want to achieve a truly natural feminine look, you must be comfortable with the meticulous care provided to you through leading-edge surgical and medical procedures. The various FFS surgical procedures Dr. Carson provides his patients include but isn’t limited to:

High-quality patient experience is critical during transgender procedures because you are now aligning your true gender identity with your physical being.

How to Find a Good Plastic Surgeon for Transgender Surgery

The ideal candidate is usually looking for a doctor with notable credentials and experience. A specialist trained in both Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery represents a specialized skill set that almost any other FFS plastic surgeon will NOT have. Dr. Carson applies this surgical skill and expertise to his FFS patients.

Dr. Carson has experience working on the soft and hard tissue on the face. He knows candidates are looking for detailed patient education and information about the surgical procedure.

Dr. C. Carson Huynh offers them articulated solutions to help ease anxiety. It’s important to remember that many transgender individuals feel unsafe or unsure about the FFS surgeons they’ve met with already.

FFS Simulation and Consultation

Part of Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine’s consultation process offers a virtual meeting over Skype or FaceTime to FFS patients. Transgender surgery candidates want to have the most natural-looking results possible.

The virtual consultation allows the FFS patient to see some of the plastic surgery results that reshape their facial structure. The candidate is trying to find out more about the healing process after receiving the natural-looking results they want.

To find a good plastic surgeon such as Doctor C. Carson Huynh, who has the knowledge and experience a transgender surgical candidate wants, is reassuring and helps ease anxieties. Surgical candidates seeking FFS know they are making a very significant decision that impacts them for life.

That means FFS patients want to understand the procedures so they can make more a more informed decision. The goal of both the candidate and Dr. C. Carson Huynh should be the same. They both want to develop comfortable relations before any surgical procedure is ever performed.

Dr. C. Carson Huynh’s FFS Procedures

Dr. C. Carson Huynh has what equates to the goal standard in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. By holding dual-doctorate degrees in facial plastic and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Carson joins with only a handful of surgeons in the country.

Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine teaches transgender patients through detailed patient education in preoperative counseling. FFS patients also learn more about the implications of the surgical procedure, aftercare, and recovery process.

Many transgender individuals have difficulty finding a cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Carson, who is knowledgeable about their gender identity and transition to their desired look. Dr. C. Carson Huynh’s focus is on building a natural, realistic face and body that enhances a patient’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Questions and Answers About Transgender Surgery

There is no one feminine or masculine face that defines transgender surgery. But there is a feminine face that defines whom you represent and want to look like. Dr. C. Carson Huynh has performed thousands of procedures himself.

Dr. Carson has also consulted and worked with other plastic surgeons in performing many more facelifts and transgender surgical procedures. Few plastic surgeons have his experience and knowledge to help achieve gentle, precise, and effective plastic surgery results.

You can choose from feminizing procedures, so please don’t think you have to choose a preordained look or timed process. In addition, you will have transgender hormone replacement before and after your surgery.

Sometimes the feminizing effects of estrogen may appear after just a few doses. Other times it can take a longer amount of time. But regardless, those who are achieving the look and sense of being they’ve searched a lifetime to find are usually prepared to wait for the results as they develop.

Before and after pictures

Here’s an example of someone before and after getting Facial Feminization Surgery at Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

before and after facial feminization | Radiance Atlanta, GA Dr. Carson
before and after facial feminization | Radiance Atlanta, GA

Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Transgender Surgery Insurance

Dr. Carson will customize his approach for each transgender patient in providing plastic surgery that reshapes their facial structure to create customized female-like features.

Dr. Carson can also provide FFS simulation so any treatment goals and achievable results can be better understood and discussed. That’s because Dr. C. Carson Huynh listens to what each FFS patient wants so he can work with them in achieving the best possible plastic surgery outcome.

Most insurance providers and their individual coverage are as unique as the transgender patient they are covering. If your facial feminization surgery insurance coverage is covered under transgender standards of care, there may still be guidelines under your individual plan that needs to be checked out.

The Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine program encompasses all aspects of physical transformation, from your first consultation to months or years after surgery.


Facial Feminization Surgery and You

Facial feminization surgery is a vital procedure to have for the physical and psychological benefits. That’s why it’s so important to identify with a plastic surgeon who has experience in your transition.

If you want to find the FFS surgeon that can provide the facial plastic surgery you need with the look you want, then reach out to Dr. C. Carson Huynh. There is no facial feminization surgeon who has a professional and medical team that can accommodate the customization provided by Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine.

You understand what you want in feeling comfortable when you pass by a mirror. We want to give you the surgery and treatment that will allow you to bring out the person you’ve always been but long to show the world. There’s only one Dr. Carson and one you. Isn’t it time you meet so you can experience the life you always wanted to live?

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