Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine offers facial feminization surgery to individuals living throughout the Atlanta area and abroad.  Many patients from all over the country have seek out Dr. Huynh for his expertise in this highly specialized field of facial plastic surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization at Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

What is Facial Feminization surgery?

Facial Feminization Surgery, or FFS, is a highly specialized area of surgery designed to transform a face with strong, masculine features into softer, more feminine look.  Many transgender women experience a great deal of social anxiety and acceptance in their personal and professional settings, a condition known as gender dysphoria.  Facial Feminization Surgery can help a trans woman openly expresses who she really is physically and builds confidence in her true gender identity.


Because FFS also enhances facial beauty, these procedures are increasingly becoming more desired by non-transgender women as well. Masculine facial features can make it difficult for many women to integrate into society and FFS helps women of all backgrounds to look and feel more beautiful.

During your personal consultation, Dr. Huynh will help you choose a procedure or combination of FFS procedures most suitable for you.

Facial Feminization Surgery Procedures

At Radiance Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. C. Carson Huynh is proud to offer facial feminization surgery procedures. Each patient is different and will require a different set of procedures. Each face is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” approach. Dr. Huynh will perform a thorough evaluation of your face and make recommendations based on your individualized needs.

Why Dr. Carson Huynh specializes in FFS?

Being one of only a few specialists in the world formally trained in both Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Huynh has a special interest in Facial Feminization Surgery where he can fully apply his wide breadth of surgical skills and expertise. FFS demands a highly specialized skill set where the surgeon must have experience working with both soft and hard tissue on the face.

Dr. Carson Huynh MD, DMD, FACS

FFS Simulation and Virtual Consultation

Dr. Huynh can also provide a simulation of your Facial Feminization Surgery result. This simulation is useful to communicate treatment goals and anticipated achievable results but should NOT be interpreted as a guaranty of results. The side profile view is most often used for simulation of forehead, nose, jawline, and chin contours.

Virtual Consultation Fee $50