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Asian Plastic Surgery

What is Asian Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery techniques available today were developed primarily for the Caucasian population. The results from these procedures are not necessarily in alignment with the cosmetic goals of Asian patients.

To remedy this, disconnect, Dr. C Carson Hunyh employs advanced surgical methods that were specifically designed to enhance Asian anatomy, depending of course on what his patients are looking for. Dr. C. Carson Huynh is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country who holds dual-doctorate degrees in the practices of maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery, and he understands that each patient has unique requirements and desires.

Ultimately, this allows him to preserve your cultural identity, while avoiding an overly Western look, creating harmony, balance and a beautiful new appearance all your own.

V-line jaw surgery, also known as mandibuloplasty, is used to make the jaw line look narrower. The surgery removes parts of your jaw and chin, reshaping them so that your jaw will heal in a more pointed shape like the letter “V”.”

Some cultures associate a V-shaped jaw and chin shape with femininity and female beauty. More often than not, people interested in this procedure are usually those who identify as a woman or as nonbinary and wish to have a more “feminine” jaw and chin shape.

The ideal candidate for V-line jaw surgery is a nonsmoker with an active lifestyle without any health history of bleeding or autoimmune conditions. As with any type of surgery, V-line jaw surgery has risks.

Live a confident and radiant life

Why would you want to undergo Korean plastic surgery?

Korean plastic surgery can radiantly transform your self-esteem and your physical appearance. Dr.C.Carson Huynh’s subtle cosmetic changes emphasize his patients’ Asian heritage, ensuring they continue to look like themselves, just with a more enhanced overall appearance. For example, depending on the type of procedure you get, you can expect:

  • A defined nasal bridge
  • A beautifully refined nasal tip
  • Natural-looking eyelid creases
  • Increased facial symmetry
  • Bright and well-rested eyes
  • Facial contours that highlight the full beauty of your heritage
  • Slim and elegantly balanced cheekbones
  • A more subtle and attractive jawline
  • A more pronounced nose that harmonizes with your other ethnic features

Choosing a Rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta for your procedure

Because of the distinct differences between the Caucasian and Asian facial structure, it is important for Asian patients to seek out a nose surgeon who is familiar with their anatomical challenges and strengths. Skilled facial plastic surgeons can enhance the natural beauty of the Asian bone structure while preserving cultural heritage and minimizing flaws.

Doctor C Carson Huynh has a formidable background in both maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery, specializing in ethnic procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and cheek/jaw reduction. After receiving highly numerous sought after medical fellowships, Dr.C Carson Huynh went on to start his own practice where he has successfully performed hundreds of successful surgeries for asian clients.

He is recognized as one of the only few surgeons in the country to hold his level of training and expertise. Dr. Huynh’s impressive background is evident in his before and after photos, as well as in the testimonials of his patients who all confirm his outstanding results.

Get the benefits to Asian Plastic Surgery

Dr. Huynh’s Asian plastic surgery procedures

Dr. Huynh is proud to deliver facial plastic surgery for his clientele. At Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine patients can expect his procedures to always cater specifically to their unique bone structure and facial anatomy, ensuring results that are always beautiful and extremely natural looking.

before and after rhinoplasty female patient right side

Asian Rhinoplasty

Unlike Caucasian rhinoplasty, which mostly focuses on reducing the size of the nose, Asian rhinoplasty may demand that the nasal structure be augmented or reinforced for a more defined profile. Ethnic rhinoplasty procedures require a delicate balance between the nasal structure and the other facial features to achieve a harmonious aesthetic.

Many Asians have characteristic noses with a very low bridge (dorsum), weak and bulbous tip (due to very thin cartilage framework under the skin), and wide flaring nostrils. These are the three main areas to be closely evaluated during your rhinoplasty consultation.

Dr. Huynh has experience with implant materials such as silicone and ePTFE as well as using patient’s own tissue for augmentation and structural grafts.

Natural cartilage graft can be harvested from the patient’s nasal septum (structure dividing the left and right nares), back of the ears, or rib depending on the amount of cartilage needed. Each patient’s nose is unique and Dr. Huynh will discuss these options with you to determine which is best for your case.

If you are looking to achieve natural results that are in line with your ethnic background, look to Dr. Huynh for some of the best asian rhinoplasty patients can rely on in Alpharetta, Duluth, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead.

before and after blepharoplasty male patient

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is extremely popular among Asian clients wishing to achieve natural enhancements while preserving their cultural identity.
The upper eyelid crease is absent in approximately fifty percent of all Asians and is more often found in Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

The reason is due to the lack of fibrous connections from the deep layers of the eyelid (levator aponeurosis and tarsal plate) to the underside of the eyelid skin (dermis).

When present, the natural Asian eyelid crease is also significantly different from Caucasians in terms of height, depth, and shape. Therefore, aesthetic goals in Asian eyelid surgery are measured by a different set of standards. Dr. Huynh is a facial plastic surgery specialist who understands these differences and can help you achieve a more natural open-eyed look while preserving your ethnicity.

He is meticulously careful to minimize scarring and to operate in the least invasive way possible in all cases. Dr. Huynh will also provide a simulation of what your eyes will look like with the double eyelid folds in front of a mirror to help you visualize the after results.

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