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To identify the path to your radiant transformation in Wellness we use investigative medical practices and proprietary advanced lab analysis. You’ll achieve deep insights into your biochemistry. Together, we’ll create your personalized plan to empower you to radiate and love being well.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the state of being healthy. It’s more than being free from illness, it’s a dynamic process of change and growth. It’s about your quality of life and all the factors that go into influencing it.

When you work with someone who specializes in wellness their job is to help you live your best life and find ways around any obstacles that may prevent you from doing so.

We do this with a whole-person integrative approach that addresses any underlying issues with your health, lifestyle, and mindset.

I've dealt with a chronic illness, how can this help me?

Great question!

Our MD specializes in treating chronic diseases through integrative functional medicine.

Many of our patients who follow their customized wellness plans see improvements in or, in some cases – the elimination of – their chronic diseases.

We’ve helped dozens of people who felt frustrated and unheard in their quest for better health get answers and solutions.

What makes our approach so different?

Our approach allows us to find out exactly what you need, body, and mind, to achieve your wellness goals.

Think of us like detectives solving the case on what’s holding you back from achieving your best health!

To that end, we’re the pioneers of I-medicine or investigative functional medicine.

Through I-medicine we treat your whole person to empower you to achieve a radiant transformation in wellness.

We like to say – “What we do here is different than what everyone else does – because you’re biochemically different than everyone else is!

What is neuromuscular rebalancing?

By applying pressure to specific “myofascial” or “trigger points” on your body, neuromuscular rebalancing therapy (NMRT) engages your body’s ability to heal itself.

To be able to do such a thing, an NMRT therapist must train extensively in massage in such a way as to integrate a scientific understanding of the nervous system and its relationship to muscles.

This training allows your NMRT practitioner to resolve your pain at its source, effectively helping you untie yourself, thus eliminating pain.

NMRT is ultimately a process of untying knots.

Humans are mind and body creatures. To truly live your best life, you can’t just focus on one aspect (Mind or Body); otherwise, the complex system that makes you, you, collapse. You need harmony and balance.

Through NMRT, you can heal the one body you have, and develop a mind-body connectedness that increases your confidence, quality of life, and peace of mind.

Available Options

Where does the coaching take place?

All of our coachings are done online.

Lab work is either sent to your house or done in our office, depending on the procedure recommended by your provider.

We offer flexible scheduling and longer appointments so that we can meet the demands of your lifestyle while giving your case enough attention to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back.


Do you provide help with insurance?

We are considered an out of network provider so we do not take insurance. However, you can submit to insurance for out of network reimbursement via superbill. Many of our patients get up to 70% reimbursed. You can also use FSA/HSA

In order to uphold the integrity of the regulations set in place by the Institute of Functional Medicine, legitimate certified Functional Medicine Doctors make use of specialty testing panels that are not covered in the traditional way by insurance companies.

To deliver real results we use laboratory testing unavailable to standard medical practices that are constrained by the limits of their partnerships with insurance companies.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

We offer financing through care credit. You can apply for it here: https://www.carecredit.com/

Alternatively, some of our patients use FSA/HSA

What should I look for when choosing a wellness doctor?

You’ll want to ensure that your wellness doctor is an M.D. and has a background in conventional medicine, as well as training in integrative or functional medicine. They need to be an authority on understanding how to accurately identify and address all the factors at play in your psychology, biochemistry, and lifestyle in order to help you achieve wellness.

When meeting with your wellness doctor for the first time make sure you’ve filled out any forms they’ve given you completely.  Be sure to ask questions that would make you more knowledgable about your wellness goals and put your mind at ease.


radiant woman

Wellness Journey & Expectations

What can I expect from my first consultation?

Your first appointment may last up to 90 minutes so that your Doctor can get a thorough picture of your medical and psycho-spiritual history, review your intake paperwork, address any questions or concerns you have, educate you on your available options, and take the time needed to prepare you for the next step in your treatment process.

Make sure you thoroughly complete your intake paperwork 24 hours before your appointment!

How will my results be measured?

Initially, we use lab testing to establish a baseline that guides your personalized treatment plan.

After we identify your health goals, we assign a repattern program as part of your treatment plan. For some, this can be the most difficult part of the process, as we will be asking you to change your diet, lifestyle, and day to day choices.

When we rerun your tests, we’ll be able to show your progression towards your “ideal numbers.”

You’ll bask in the satisfaction of not only feeling radiant and looking better, your tests will likely reveal much better numbers that will give you the confidence to know you’re on track and where to focus next or maintain.

How can a wellness program help me prepare for surgery?

Our wellness program will help you to:

Detox your body to lessen the probability of surgical complications.

Nutrition planning to optimize inflammation status to prepare your body for the stress of surgery.

A decrease in stress and anxiety before, during, and after surgery.

Have a lower chance of scarring from your surgery, leaving you with more natural-looking results.

Achieve faster recovery from surgery.



How can a wellness program help me recover from surgery?

The truth is your body possesses phenomenal latent abilities to heal you, but only when your biochemistry is balanced.

Our wellness program helps you unlock the incredible healing power stored in your body’s cells and directly impact your inflammatory response to surgery.

This helps ensure faster recovery from surgery and less downtime, in the days after your procedure, you’ll likely feel energized instead of exhausted.

Expect a more natural-looking result from your surgery too, as our wellness program dramatically decreases the likelihood of surgical scarring.