At our Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine facility, Dr. C. Carson Huynh performs Botox treatments for the residents of Alpharetta, Ga.


What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin or Botox is a substance used by our surgeon to reduce wrinkles on the face to provide a younger appearance for mature patients. This combination neurotoxin and protein has several medical uses, including helping to paralyze nerves that lead to muscles. Cosmetic Botox is formulated in a pharmaceutical laboratory before placement in small syringes that are shipped to cosmetic surgeons. The syringes filled with Botox are kept sealed inside a climate-controlled environment at Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine.

How is Botox Treatment Performed?

Dr. Huynh evaluates a patient’s health before a Botox treatment begins to help ensure there are no dangerous allergies or underlying health conditions. A Botox injection is inserted near the location of folds and wrinkles on the face to paralyze muscles. The typical injections sites include near the eyes or mouth to eliminate wrinkles that make a patient look older. The injection site is sanitized first with an alcohol pad to prevent infection in the skin’s tissue. The injection may cause a small amount of bleeding or bruising that subsides over the next few days. The improvements in a patient’s face will last for up to three months.

About Dr. C. Carson Huynh

Dr. C. Carson Huynh performs Botox treatments for the residents of Alpharetta, Ga., at our Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine facility. Patients can contact us at Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine for a consultation concerning a variety of cosmetic or reconstructive procedures of the body or face. We offer affordable financing options for reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries at our medical facility. Dr. Huynh has experience in performing several types of procedures on patients of different ages due to having double board certification in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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