Neuromuscular Rebalancing

Untangling the chronic pain that has you in knots.

Your pain is personal. Your recovery should be personalized.

What’s holding you back?
Being held back from doing what you want by your own body is frustrating. Aches and pains can keep you from doing the things you love, or even just walking.

Your body strives to protect you from harm, and sometimes it’s a little too good at its job. One mechanism it uses to keep you safe is by forming muscle knots. Muscle tension is the body’s defense response to muscle overwork or injury. To protect the damaged area from further harm, the muscles around it tighten up into a knot. The fibers in muscle knots can become tangled, resulting in a limited range of movement, or chronic pain.

a man with muscle tension seeking relief at radiance

Neuromuscular rebalancing is different  from a massage.

major myofascial trigger points

Triggering the body’s ability to heal

Your personalized plan

At Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, we don’t guess what’s wrong with you. Our neuromuscular rebalancing therapist will evaluate you on six critical aspects before starting treatment to have a specific understanding of the source of your pain.

Your therapist will:
Identify whether your muscles are working together or compensating for one another. Recognize biomechanical dysfunction, from daily activities or abnormal gait. Look for ischemia, a tightening of soft tissues caused by an absence of blood flow.

Discover myofascial “trigger points”. Evaluate your overall posture for muscular imbalances. Locate any nerve compression or entrapment. When examined, these factors allow your therapist to develop a massage plan tailored to your recovery.

When examined, these factors allow your therapist to develop a message plan tailored to your recovery.

Our goal is to get you better and get you going.

We aren’t interested in gaining life-long patients. We want patients to leave us and live long lives. At Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, our neuromuscular rebalancing therapy focuses on what the core of functional medicine is all about:

“Getting to the root of the problem throwing your life off balance.”

people living long happy lives
Healing happens 24/7, and an office visit does not.
We offer training in yoga and meditation and a vast practice of techniques from the East and the West; to provide clients with the resources they need to own their healing beyond the office.

An easy solution to the hard problems of soft tissue. The term “Soft tissue” applies to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels, and connective joint tissues. Neuromuscular rebalancing therapy can treat physical pain and problems arising from car accidents to stressful jobs.

woman depicting balance and harmony at Radiance

Take control