IV Therapy

An indispensable compliment to any healthy lifestyle.

Amplify your health

The majority of Americans do not get all of the nutrients their bodies need through diet alone. As a result, it is quite common for us to feel sick or worn down.  However, when your body has all of the vital nutrients it needs to function correctly, you feel healthy and energized.

Our IV and IM shots therapy helps you give your body what it needs to help prevent illness and fight infection.  The delivery of essential nutrients through IV therapy or IM shots can increase mental clarity, mood, skin health and decrease anxiety and depression.

IV IM boost

IV Therapy and injections are ideal for different health concerns and objectives.

IM Therapy boost

What’s the difference between IM Shots and IV Therapy?

Why is intravenous/injections so effective?

Getting pass the Gut

When injecting nutrients, 100% of vitamins are absorbed, whereas only 20% are absorbed if taking the same by mouth. IV Vitamin Therapy and IM shots complement a healthy lifestyle, helping prevent and combat a myriad of ailments.

Your digestive system is critical to you being able to derive nutrients from food. Unfortunately, it is also usually the first system impaired by illness, creating digestive disorders. This digestive disorder causes your body to struggle to get the nutrients it needs, perpetuating health issues. Digestive disorders have many common causes, such as sensitivity to food or medications.


Some of the Benefits

immune disorder

Autoimmune Disorder

Nutrient deficiencies and allergies often suppress the immune system. Nutritional IV therapy administers high doses of nutrients and anti-inflammatory herbs to restore balance to your immune system.

skin beautification

Beautify your skin

Our collagen boosting, wrinkle-reducing, blemish removing vitamins and anti-oxidant packed hydrating fluids beautify your skin from the inside out.

boost energy

Boost Energy

Experience a significant difference in your daily energy levels by combining Rehydration with maximum vitamin intake. Vitamin C, B vitamins, NAD+, and Glutathione, will all help boost your energy levels.

combat dehydration

Combat Dehydration

Delivering active ingredients in a saline solution restores your body’s natural balance better than any sports drink or water alone ever could. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, illness, concentration lapses, and decreased skin health, and more.

eliminate nausea

Eliminate Nausea & Vomiting

IV therapy restores your body’s natural balance by administering fluids and electrolytes, combined with strong anti-nausea medication. IV therapy is especially advantageous if you are experiencing nausea as a result of illness, pregnancy, medication, or alcohol consumption

enhance mood

Enhance Mood & Mental Health

Many of our therapies and shots, such as Vitamin Drip, Immune Boost, Glutathione, and NAD+, have been shown to help elevate mood, calm anxiety, and decrease depression. Adequate nutrition is essential to creating a chemical balance that leads to a healthy body and mind.

enhance travel

Enhance Travel

Skip on the jet lag with IV therapy before and after your trip. Often higher altitudes, time changes, and the hustle and bustle of airports can leave you exhausted and dehydrated.

faster recovery

Faster Recovery After Surgery

Vitamin C and hydrating fluids speed up wound healing and amplify your surgical recovery. Add extra vitamins to elevate your energy and your health while you recover.



To help overcome the severe muscle pain associated with Fibromyalgia, we offer an amino acid IV. We use intravenous amino acids because they are the building blocks for soft tissues. Amino acids allow for faster recovery from aches and pains by giving your body an abundance of resources to use.

gi recovery

GI bug and food poisoning recovery

Regardless of whether you’re a parent and caught a lovely school bug from your kid or you ate something unsettling, it can be miserable having nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You can rehydrate with and restore the nutrients lost from your body being under stress, end those dreadful GI symptoms, and feel better faster with IV therapy.

neurological disorders

Neurological disorder

Glutathione is great for athletes but even better for people who struggle with neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. IVs that incorporate Glutathione, a major intercellular antioxidant, increase dopamine levels and improve motor function.

reduce electrolyte imbalance

Reduce Electrolyte Imbalance After Prolonged Exercise

You’re also losing nutrients that your body needs to recover when you sweat, not just water. Drinking only water is not sufficient (water only can be dangerous for athletes). Our IV therapies packed with water and electrolytes ensure that your body has everything it needs to thrive.

reduce bloating

Reduce Exercise Bloating

Prolonged exercise can wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal tract; ask any marathon runner or MMA fighter. Many athletes are unable to eat or drink after sustained periods of exercise. IV therapy is the best solution to reduce bloating and increase athletic performance and recovery.

reduce hangovers

Reduce Hangovers

The dreaded symptoms of a hangover are due to Dehydration and loss of essential nutrients caused by alcohol consumption. Overcome the headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, restless sleep, and crummy feelings quickly with our IV Hangover Relief. Get back to feeling radiant and enjoying life in no time!

viral illness recovery

Viral Illness Recovery

It’s been shown that getting high doses of Vitamin C and Zinc doses of Vitamin C and Zinc when you start to feel sick help reduce the intensity and duration of a viral illness. It’s also been shown that High doses of Vitamin C and Zinc after you get sick service your body “clean up” after your immune system’s battle with the invader (which helps you recover faster).