Dr. C. Carson Huynh offers scar revision surgery to residents of Johns Creek, GA.

What is Scar Revision Surgery?

Scars often remain after a wound or injury has healed. For some people, the appearance of scars can be embarrassing, especially if the scar is visible on the face. While scars cannot be completely erased, scar revision surgery may provide a more satisfying cosmetic result. Scar revision makes the scar more consistent with the tone and texture of the surrounding skin, minimizing its appearance.

How is Scar Revision Surgery Performed?

The type of treatment performed will depend on the severity of the scarring, and the scar’s type and location.

Topical treatments may be performed to treat discoloration and surface scars.
To fill concave or depressed scars, injectable treatments are often used. Injectable treatments will eventually need to be repeated to maintain the results.

Surface treatments are most often performed for the cosmetic treatment of scars. Such treatments may include:

Dermabrasion. This procedure involves “polishing” the skin.

Skin bleaching agents. These medications lighten skin and are applied topically.

Chemical peels. Chemical peel solutions penetrate the surface of the skin and reduce irregularities in the skin’s color and texture.

Light or laser therapy. Laser therapy allows new, healthy skin to be formed at the site of the scar.

For deeper scars, an incision may be created to surgically remove the original scar.

About Dr. Huynh

With 15 years of higher education, surgical training and medical education, Dr. C. Carson Huynh, M.D., is a double board-certified surgeon specializing in facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. He received his M.D. degree from Emory University and completed his DMD degree at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Huynh offers scar revision and many other facial plastic surgery procedures to those in Johns Creek, GA and throughout the Atlanta area.



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