Dr. C. Carson Huynh offers jaw surgery procedures to people who live in Alpharetta, Georgia.

What is Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery aims to change the positioning of jaws that are not placed properly. A number of different factors can lead to this problem in people, notably illness, injury and genetics. Problems with jaw positioning can be troublesome for individuals in many ways. They can lead to problems with breathing, talking, swallowing, biting and chewing, to mention several noteworthy examples. Many people opt to receive jaw surgeries because they can also improve the look of their faces. Projecting jaws are common in people who have jaw-positioning issues.

How is Jaw Surgery Performed?

When surgeons conduct jaw surgeries, they typically create cuts within the jawbones. They then shift them into their appropriate positions. When surgeons place jaws into their suitable spots, they then typically fasten the bones through the use of both bone plates and screws. These surgeries can be conducted on both lower jaws and upper jaws. It isn’t at all uncommon for jaw surgeries to be conducted on both jaws, either. People are generally ready for jaw surgeries when growth ceases. Growth usually ceases when people are in their teen years.

About Dr. Huynh

Dr. C. Carson Huynh, who is often referred to simply as “Wynn,” is a facial surgeon who has double board certification. He is the head of our practice, Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. Reconstructive surgeries and facial cosmetic procedures are Dr. Huynh’s areas of expertise. He is a graduate of the School of Medicine at Emory University. Our practice offers many procedures other than jaw surgeries. We offer everything from rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery to scar revision and ear lobe repair. If you live in Alpharetta and are seeking jaw surgery or any of our other available procedures, call our practice today.

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