Dr. Huynh performs jaw surgery on Johns Creek, GA residents.

What is Jaw Surgery?

Do you hear a clicking or popping sound every time you open your mouth, chew or talk? Maybe you notice that your back and shoulders hurt and that you feel a shooting pain moving down your neck and jaw. These are all signs that you have a problem with your jaw. The most common problem is misalignment. This occurs because of the broken, cracked and missing teeth in your mouth, but other causes of the pain may include a crooked tooth, gum disease or some type of trauma. Jaw surgery can restore your smile and bring an end to your pain.

How is Jaw Surgery Performed?

During your first visit with the doctor, Dr. Huynh will decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. He’ll then take a few x-rays to get an in-depth look at your jaw and teeth. Unlike other surgeons that do the job quickly, Dr. Huynh will work with an orthodontist of your choosing to ensure that you leave the operating table feeling healthy and happy. During the surgery, he can adjust the way your teeth fit in your mouth and even change the placement of your jaw in your mouth. Many patients are so happy with their jaw surgeries that they can’t stop smiling.

About Dr. Huynh

Jaw surgery only feels scary until you meet with Dr. Huynh. Unlike other surgeons, who spend the bare minimum of time in school, Dr. Huynh devoted more than 15 years to his studies, which helps him focus more on his patients and gave him experience in multiple fields. His skilled hands will put you perfectly at ease in the operating room, but his great personality will make you feel more comfortable during each and every appointment. Make your first appointment today.

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