Dr. Huynh performs jaw surgery in Brookhaven, GA.

What is Jaw Surgery?

The human mouth consists of two different jawbones: one that sits on the top of the mouth and one that sits on the bottom. When the jaw develops at different rates, you can suffer from an under bite or an overbite. Instead of your upper and lower teeth sitting on top of each other, either your top teeth or bottom teeth will sit slightly in front of the other teeth. This misalignment can cause a host of problems, including back pain, jaw pain and pain in the neck and shoulders. Jaw surgery is one potential treatment that can reduce that pain.

How is Jaw Surgery Performed?

Dr. Huynh uses 3-D imaging and x-rays to see the location of your jaw and how your jaw fits inside your mouth. He’ll meet with your orthodontist to discuss your symptoms and how jaw surgery can benefit you. Jaw surgery can make your chin look lower, let you show off more of your teeth when smiling and also bring an end to the pain you usually feel. The procedure usually changes how your jaw fits in your mouth. The doctor can lift your lower jaw, raise your upper jaw or shift your jaw slightly to one side.

About Dr. Huynh

Sleep apnea is one of the common medical disorders associated with a misaligned bite or jaw. It changes the way you breathe at night and essentially makes you stop breathing for a short period of time. Dr. Huynh will talk with you about some of other common disorders and ensure that you know all the benefits associated with jaw surgery. As a board certified doctor, he ranks as one of the top doctors and offers a number of procedures for Marietta residents. Find out which procedures are best for you with a phone call today.

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