Dr. Huynh performs eyelid surgery for the residents of Alpharetta, GA. He works as part of Radiance Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, a trusted and reputable office located in the Atlanta area. Patients can enjoy a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures, from facelifts to eyelid surgery.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

You may have the hallmarks of age and the sun: puffiness, sagging and wrinkles. These can come about from environmental influences or heredity. Either way, you may sport a fatigued look at all times that you just want to get rid of. Now you can have surgery that will tighten up the skin around the eyelids, restoring that youthful glow thanks to blepharoplasty, another word for eyelid surgery. You can have either the upper or lower eyelid done or you can opt for both, depending on your needs. You’ll experience an improvement in your vision, as there will no longer be an obstruction in your periphery due to sagging skin. Plus, you’ll find your self-confidence soar as a result of this innovative surgery.

Patients receive a general anesthetic to numb the localized pain and provide a certain level of comfort. Dr. Huynh and his staff can address any number of problems concerning your eyelids, such as skin removal, muscle tightening and repositioning of fat deposits. This precise technique, called anchor blepharoplasty, causes minimal scarring over traditional eyelid surgery, resulting in a more natural-appearing lid.

About Dr. Huynh

Dr. Carson Huynh is an expert in anchor blepharoplasty, which is a specialized state-of-the-art method of eyelid surgery. He gains his expertise in this field thanks to degrees in maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Huynh is a specialist in his field on a variety of plastic surgery offerings, such as facelifts, skin rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and Asian cosmetic surgery. Call now for an initial consultation.


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